1/35 Japanese tanks O-I (Original kit)

1/35 Japanese tanks  O-I (Original kit) By Seep Model(シープモデル製)


このページは英語版です。日本語版はコチラ→ 1/35 オイ車(日本語)
This page is in EnglishJapanese version is here↑

The author is the Japanese person who developed this model kit.I’m sorry, I do not have English is good at.This home page is basically a Japanese notation.

Vehicle commentary
O-I is the tank of Japan.It is an ultra heavy tank with a weight of 150 tons. During WW2, they tried making the car body and tried it, but the plan was canceled because many problems occurred. We have not known the details of this tank for a long time.Materials were found in 2014, and details were found out.In the past, this tank was called “trial production 100 ton tank”.
This tank became world famous by the game “World of Tanks”. In the game, this tank is much better than it actually is.Actual armor is only 30mm – 35mm. I think that the real thing was present, it was easily destroyed by M4 tank and T-34 tank.

<Model kit commentary>
Normally,this product is not shipping overseas.It can be purchased at communication sale in Japan.Or,you can buy it on events in Japan.The name of the event is “Wonder Festival .
If you wish to make a personal import, please contact by e-mail.I will respond if possible.
The home page of events is here ↓.(Japanese language only,no English language page)

This is our original garage kit.I have reproduced the actual design drawing as much as possible.You can reproduce the game of CG.I was aiming for perfection that does not lose the plastic model.The length of the body of this model is about 290mm.

Photos Description
It is the thing which was assembled kit.I do not have any remodeling.Paint bottles are located in order to check the size.White parts of photos are unassembled parts of kit.
Please specify the source when you want to use the photos of this page.

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